Testimonials Kukita Allach

Thank you for taking such loving care of our son. He's been enjoying going to crèche every day, made many friends and felt very much at ease in this environment of creative and committed people! We've always known him to be in good hands.
Rebbe Family, July 2015

I would like to thank you all most warmly for the wonderful crèche year at the Kukita crèche in Allach. My daughter A and we felt very comfortable there.
Quote from the 2014 parents' survey

I would like to let you know that you have a great team in Allach. In particular, every single team member is extraordinarily friendly and caters for one's individual needs.
Quote from the 2014 parents' survey

Testimonials Kukita Grosshadern

Our son has been attending Kukita Großhadern since September 2014. It was the right decision because we feel our son is in very good hands. He receives very loving care and loves going to the crèche? we can see that because he's beaming every day. But also the other children feel very much at home at Kukita Großhadern. The friendliness and warmth of the staff and manager are simply outstanding. You're a great team, and it shows that you love working with children. You're just terrific. Thank you so much for welcoming us, and especially our son, so warmly.
Doreen Rösner and Robert Völkel, July 2015

What positively enthuses us about Kukita Großhadern is the warm manner in which all staff treat the children each day, as well as the family atmosphere of the place.
Raquel Yuste and Wolfgang Binsteiner, July 2015

Choosing Kukita Großhadern was a matter close to our hearts ? this is now rewarded by a happy daughter who loves going to crèche every day. Furthermore, we're thrilled that our daughter has the chance to grow up in two cultures and languages at Kukita Großhadern, just like at home.
Patricia Barambones and Bernhard Teriet, July 2015

The staff are motivated and always consider our wishes, concerns and suggestions. A big praise to the ladies!
A. N. (Quote from the 2014 parents' survey).

Testimonials Kukita Milbertshofen

It's a great feeling to see the joy in our little princess's face every single time she goes to kindergarten. One of her big achievements is her English pronunciation ? an area in which she almost outperforms her own parents ...
Carlowitz Family, July 2015

We've experienced Kukita Milbertshofen as a place where our daughter receives thoroughly loving, cheerful, creative and professional care. She's learned a great deal and made great friends. And our relationship with the team of nursery teachers and the head of the Kita was based on the concept of partnership. Thank you! Keep up the great work!
Hohlweg Family, July 2015

We value the fact that our daughter is taken excellent care of during our working time and receives more stimulation than we could ever offer at home.
Lehmann Family, July 2015

I drop my child off with a good feeling every morning. Great work, keep it up!
Quote from the 2014 parents' survey.

We are very happy to see that our son is so wonderfully taken care of at your nursery. Lunch was improved upon suggestion. Thank you for taking this on board so promptly.
Quote from the 2014 parents' survey.

Testimonials Kukita Pasing

Our son feels very comfortable at Kukita. There, he receives the encouragement, attention and affection he needs.
Stempfle/Klotz Family, July 2015

It is a great joy to see how much our little girl loves coming to you every day.You're doing a super job. Keep it up!
Florian and Stephanie Regenfelder, July 2015

Thank you so much for your wonderful care and the activities you are offering the children. You're great!
Quote from the 2014 parents' survey.

My child loves going to you! One can tell how much he enjoys it. He learns something new each day – be it through play or verbally.
Quote from the 2014 parents' survey

Testimonials Kukita Schwabing

The teachers have a very professional and pleasant way with the children and parents (very service-spirited). Wonderful!
B. C. – Quote from the 2012 parents' survey.

All employees are extremely motivated, and communication with us and in particular the impromptu talks during drop-off and pick-up as well as the scheduled parents’ talks were very personal and enriching.
Quote from the 2014 parents' survey