Kukita Kinderkrippen & -gärten

Parents' voices from our facilities

With every single caregiver, you can feel a real passion for the profession and a big heart for children. Simply a really great team!


Our children (2 and 4.5) look forward to daycare and kindergarten every day and we know that they are very well and lovingly cared for there.

Family Schlegtendal

Elternstimme - Milbertshofen 2017

Our daughter loves going to the Kukita and the loving care provided by the staff gives us parents a good feeling. We can definitely recommend the facility.

Family Paul

Elternstimme - Milbertshofen 2017

There's nothing better every morning than going to Kukita Pasing. There I can play with my friends, go on fun outings and cuddle with the most amazing and best teachers. Now after almost 3 years I have to leave the Kukita soon, I am already looking forward to kindergarten but I will never forget the Kukita Pasing! You are the best!

Matthew, Marina and Felix

Kukita Pasing - Elternstimme Juni 2019

My daughter was allowed to be a part of the Kukita Pasing for 2 years and I can only say that we are total fans of the facility and especially of the educators. Such a loving, warm and great care is unique for me and can only wish every child!

Family in Pasing

Kukita Pasing - Elternstimme Juli 2018

We and especially our daughter Frida feel very comfortable at Kukita Schwabing. The interaction with the children is extremely loving and professional at the same time. Great crafts are made and the musical/rhythmic program leaves nothing to be desired. The friendly teachers take the children to the park, shopping and on excursions. Simply great class!

Family Neubauer

Elternstimme - Schwabing 2017

Our two children (10 months and 3 years) feel very comfortable in the nursery and kindergarten and really enjoy going there! We are completely satisfied and extremely grateful that they are cared for so competently and lovingly at the Kukita!

Family Diekmann

Elternstimme - Diekmann - Milbertshofen

Our two daughters, 2 & 4 years old, are very different - but at Kukita they are both in the best of hands. It's great how sensitively and lovingly the caregivers respond to each child. If my daughter doesn't want to go with them when they pick her up, but would rather play, then that is the best proof for me of how happy she is at the daycare center! And so are we parents.

Family Brüning

Elternstimme - Brüning - Milbertshofen

Dear KuKita team,
I have loved being with you and will miss you terribly in kindergarten. Thank you for always playing with me so beautifully, teaching me so much and always having inexhaustible patience with my stubbornness.

Your Hugo Höng

Kukita Neuhausen - Hugo Höng

Lea is our 3rd child in the Kukita. We are completely satisfied, all 3 mice have felt super comfortable. Loving care, many great offers, whether indoors or outdoors. You can talk to the staff at any time if you have questions or concerns. It feels like a small family. Absolutely recommendable if you want to give your child to a great facility.

Family Woller

Kukita Pasing | Familie Woller

Our son Franz and we feel more than comfortable at Kukita Neuhausen. The children are cared for here in an extremely loving and professional manner and we as parents always get a comprehensive insight into the day-to-day life of our children. We are very happy to place our son in care here and pick him up every day smiling and happy at the Kukita. That shows best how comfortable he feels here.

Family Stolz

Kukita Neuhausen – Familie Stolz

Our daughter Antonia is happy to go to "her daycare" every day and feels very comfortable. As parents, we are very involved in the Kukita Neuhausen, there are many creative and playful activities for the children and we appreciate the loving and very warm atmosphere with great professionalism and super organization.

Family Speidel

Kukita Neuhausen - Familie Speidel

We were very satisfied with the loving care of our child. David liked going to the Kukita, the caregivers were always very nice and took a lot of time for the handover. You could see that all children are loved here. At the same time, each child is treated individually. We would recommend the Kukita to everyone.

Family S.

Kukita Pasing – Familie S.

Unfortunately, our time at the daycare center is coming to an end. It was a really great 2 years, our daughter Lia really loved going to daycare. We found the care insanely sweet - every single educator. Our daughter has learned a lot during this time and has grown into a great toddler, the daycare has certainly contributed a lot.

Family Scheffler

Kukita Schwabing - Familie Scheffler

Our two sons both love going to the daycare center and have found a second family there in the teachers and other children. This gives you a good feeling and you don't have to worry about the children not being well while you are at work. I can recommend the daycare 100%. The support offers are also great and perfectly matched to the age.

Family Mansaray

Kukita Schwabing – Familie Mansaray

We would register our daughter at the Kukita again at any time. Above all, the warm and empathetic staff convinces us every day anew. This made it easier for our daughter to start daycare. One has the feeling that every single educator is dedicated to the needs of the children. The parents are always well informed about developments and activities, and there is always room for exchange. In general, there is a very pleasant family atmosphere, which also has a positive effect on the children…

Family Lenz

Kukita Allach - Familie Lenz

… Numerous creative activities are offered weekly, so that different talents and tastes are addressed in each child. One varies from musical, sports or creative projects. In addition, the children can often choose on certain days whether they would rather participate in an activity in the fox group or in the owl group. This freedom of choice also promotes the children's independence and is very much appreciated by our daughter.

Family Lenz

Kukita Allach - Familie Lenz

My child enjoys going to the Kukita every day. There, the caregivers create a pedagogically valuable and loving atmosphere in which the children learn basic trust and develop social skills. Carlotta is very happy about the rhythm class, playing in the playground and in the garden, and the individual topics that they learn according to age and season. 
Thank you very much for the perfect start into her young life, dear caregivers!

Family Göttl

Kukita Schwabing - Familie Göttl

The Kukita exceeded our expectations in every respect: The daily routine and the team were excellently organized. The meals were balanced and varied and the care of the educators is impeccable. At the end of the day, our daughter has been very happy throughout her time at this facility which shows us that the decision was the right one. We would make this decision again and again.

Family Aleatrati

Kukita Neuhausen – Familie Aleatrati

My child enjoys going to Kukita Großhadern every day. He has never cried when I dropped him off. The caregivers respond very individually to each child. Every day, they do nice things with the children. Material from everyday life is often more interesting for the children than lots of toys. The Kukita Großhadern realizes this to the highest degree. My child is happy every day when I pick him up and we always get feedback about the day's activities. Great!

Melanie Sauer

Loving childcare with great, competent staff. The small nursery is centrally located in Pasing. They go out with the kids in all weather and explore the neighborhood. We had 2 wonderful years and loved going there.

Family Huber

It is wonderful to see how loving and dedicated the educators are to each and every child. Knowing that our son is growing up in such a protected and caring environment gives us a great feeling.

Family F. F.

Our two children love the Kukita Schwabing and especially the caregivers have taken them to their hearts. Even with our first daughter, we were thrilled with the facility. After the birth of our second daughter and the positive experience, it was clear to us that we would also like to bring her to Kukita Schwabing. Our daughter feels very comfortable, which is due on the one hand to the loving care and on the other hand to the great and varied offers. We can wholeheartedly recommend Kukita Schwabing.

Family Birkle

We had a good feeling about the Kukita right from the start. We were more than convinced by the pedagogical concept with its varied offerings, the lovingly designed rooms and, above all, the very hard-working educators. Our son Lionel feels very comfortable and we are very happy that we found this beautiful place for him.

Family Musselmann

We are very enthusiastic about the team at Kukita-Pasing. They are always working with a lot of heart and love to prepare an unforgettable day for our daughter. Excursions to nearby playgrounds, many different handicrafts, the music garden and discovering the world together with all its shapes, colors and smells leave absolutely no room for boredom. But the children can also relax and listen to a book while cuddling together. Our daughter enjoys going to the Kukita every day.

Family Murauer

Dear team of the Kukita Pasing, we are very happy that our second child can also go to the facility with you. You are a great, loving and competent team! Thank you very much for your daily commitment.

Family Milosevic

We would like to thank the Kukita team for the warm, loving and pedagogically valuable care of our son. He had a great time at your daycare center and often told us enthusiastically about the varied daily program. The additional activities such as yoga, music classes and the pre-kindergarten group "clever foxes" were also great fun for him and encouraged and challenged him in his abilities. Our Leo now has to go to kindergarten, saying goodbye is not easy for us. In this sense, goodbye & all the best.

We now have our second child at the Kukita in Pasing and are still more than satisfied! The teachers lovingly take care of the children, support them in their development and maintain a great contact with the parents as well as among the parents themselves. If you want your child to be in good hands, you should try to find a place at the Kukita Pasing. Many thanks to the team at Kukita Pasing!

Family Klotz

In the Kukita we have actually found a second home for our Paulina and not infrequently I am moved to tears how lovingly our girl is treated. I am very grateful for this professional team, which puts its own heart into its work and is able to empathize with our situation in an unbelievably empathetic way. It is not easy to give up your own child for a few hours one day - I really know what I am talking about! All the more I realize every day that we definitely made the right decision with Kukita.

Family Franzke

Our daughter is very lovingly cared for and encouraged at the Kukita. That gives us parents a good feeling. And our child enjoys going to the nursery every day.

Thank you so much for the loving care of our son. He enjoyed going to daycare every day, he made many friends and felt very comfortable in this creative and engaging environment! We have always known him in good hands.

Family Rebbe

The Kukita Pasing is like a small family. The care of the children is very caring and the offer for the children is very versatile. Our children always enjoy going to the Kukita and feel very comfortable there. An absolute all-round carefree package :-)))))


Dear Mrs. Hipp, dear Mrs. Speitmann, I would like to thank you very much for the great daycare year at the Kukita daycare center in Allach! My daughter A. and we felt very comfortable there. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that you have a really great team in Allach! Especially the friendliness and personality of every single team member is extraordinary. All staff members are extraordinarily motivated and the exchange among each other and especially the door-to-door talks and parent meetings were very personal and enriching.

Family M.

We are very satisfied with the care in Pasing: Loving pedagogical team, familiar facility, a lot of constancy in the team and: The people do their job with heart and fun.

Gabi & Claus

Our daughter goes to Kukita Großhadern every morning beaming. This is the best confirmation that she feels comfortable and is in loving hands. The atmosphere is very familiar, trusting and extraordinarily warm. Thank you so much that we can go to work every day with a good feeling!

Family Mühlbacher

At Kukita Milbertshofen, we have consistently experienced very loving, cheerful, creative and professional care for our daughter. She has learned a lot, made great friends and we have found the relationship with the team of educators and the daycare management to be very cooperative. Thank you & keep up the good work!

Family Hohlweg

My child enjoys going to Kukita Großhadern every day. He has never cried when I dropped him off. The caregivers respond very individually to each child. Every day, they do nice things with the children. Material from everyday life is often more interesting for the children than lots of toys. The Kukita Großhadern realizes this to the highest degree. My child is happy every day when I pick him up and we always get feedback about the day's activities. Great!

Melanie Sauer

My daughter is super encouraged and supported in her abilities, joys and nature. My little girl loves you teachers. You always have an open ear and I notice that because she tells you so many nice things and cuddles with you a lot. You let our daughter try things out, encourage and support her, but also let her choose a lot for herself and that did and does a lot of good for our mouse's independence.

Love Anna

When you decide to go back to work after "baby break," you face many challenges. But there is one worry you won't have when your child goes to Kukita Großhadern: the one about the child's well-being. It is unbelievable to see how lovingly the educators treat the children - every single day. The teachers are not only extremely competent, but also an enrichment in the education of the little ones. In the two years that our son has attended the facility, there has not been a single day on which the staff has seemed stressed or overwhelmed. Kukita Großhadern is like a second home to play and make friends. Thank you so much!!!

Esther Schulte

After a 2-week settling-in period, my daughter loves going to the Kukita so much that the whole thing goes off without tears. She especially loves the Friday sports lesson and the excursions. Eating by herself now works great and since the summer party splashing with cold water is no longer a drama, but great :-)

Sandra D'Agostino

What really excites us about Kukita Großhadern is the warmth of all the employees day after day to the children and the family atmosphere in the facility. "Lo que nos ha conquistado es el trato carinoso hacia los ninos, por parte de todos los trabajadores y el ambiente familiar."

Raquel Yuste and Wolfgang Binsteiner

Kukita Pasing has been my second home for a year now. Here I can fully live out my singing talent and work diligently on new, great projects with my best friends every day. Thank you for accompanying and supporting me so lovingly and patiently on my way to becoming a real firefighter.

Family Stappert

We decided on Kukita Großhadern very quickly and it has proven to be spot on. This first year our child has enjoyed going to the facility, has made new friends and has become very fond of the educators. I am very happy and relaxed that during our absence he is supported in his development and is in good hands. The interaction with us parents is also very familiar and the staff approaches us openly. I like that because I can trust them and our son is in good hands. Here's to another year full of adventures and beautiful moments. Thank you!

Stephanie Wörner and David Lange

For our son, the Kukita Pasing is not only a play and learning paradise, but also a little family! We leave him in the hands of the team every morning with a clear conscience and are glad that we can be a part of the facility! Happy and cheerful we recommend the Kukita to others

Marina, Felix and Matthew

Our son always enjoys going to you, and we also have a very good feeling about it. We do a lot of different things, whether it's excursions, singing, dancing, handicrafts, gymnastics ... Even if we have questions from our private everyday life, we always get good tips.


All employees are exceptionally motivated and the exchange among each other and especially the door-to-door and parent meetings were very personal and enriching.

Family in Munich

We chose Kukita Großhadern when we were looking for a daycare center because the facility exudes such a family-like warmth. Like a big Spanish family.

Family in Großhadern

The educators are not only extremely competent professionally, but also a human enrichment in the education of the little ones. In the two years that our son has attended the facility, there has not been a single day when the staff has seemed stressed or overwhelmed.

Esther Schulte

I completed my professional internship as a kindergarten teacher at Kukita Pasing. The Kukita Pasing team is very concept-oriented and responds individually to the needs of the children. There was a loving and warm interaction with the children. On the whole, it was a very eventful and wonderful year with the children, the parents and the team. I have grown very fond of them.