Professional – loving – together

In keeping with this motto we create space for children. For especially in the first years of their life the playful experience and discovery of the world in a group of peers is of particular importance for little people.

At our crèche children can unfold their own personality in a warm, loving environment. All the while, we lend a sensitive ear to each child's needs and always provide him or her with the affection or support he or she may need at the time. In this way, our children develop, step by step, to be confident, open-minded and responsible individuals.

Educational concept

According to scientific studies, the first 3 years of a child's life are the most important, here the foundations for social learning and mental development are created. We are aware of this and think it is important to give children the opportunity to do this. Here you will find our pedagogical concepts (german):

Protection concept

The central task of all day-care centers is to protect the children entrusted to them from any form of violence. Both parents and the public trust that kindergartens and crèches are places where those in their care are in good hands. Here you will find our protection concepts (german):


From what age do we accept children at the crèche? When will I learn more about the settling-in process and other concerns? Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

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Here you can find feedback from the parents' talks and surveys of recent years.

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All employees are extremely motivated, and communication with us and in particular the impromptu talks during drop-off and pick-up as well as the scheduled parents’ talks were very personal and enriching.
Extract from parents' feedback

Promoting artistic and musical activities

Children are born curious and creative. Promoting artistic and musical activities is therefore an essential element of our concept. We carefully encourage our little ones to develop their own ideas independently or create their own little artworks. In this way not only do they get to know the world in a playful manner, but they also learn to communicate with others and express themselves in their unique way. And it's great fun too!

Kukita offers your children professional and loving education and care through our highly-motivated paedagogical staff.

Children learn from one another, they interact at a different level with each other than with adults. We want to create space for the children left in our trusting care so that they can develop as freely and independently as possible while being integrated in a structured, loving and social environment.

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