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Due to the current pandemic situation, some of our information events taking place via the »Zoom« platform. After registering, you will receive the access data for the online meeting.

  • Kukita Allach
  • Kukita Allach Créche: Tuesday, 06. February 2024 (16:00 Clock) 3 more participants possible Open-door day
  • Kukita Allach Créche: Thursday, 08. February 2024 (16:00 Clock) 7 more participants possible Open-door day
  • Kukita Grosshadern
  • Kukita Großhadern Créche: Wednesday, 31. January 2024 (16:30 Clock) 2 more participants possible
  • Kukita Milbertshofen
  • Kukita Milbertshofen Créche: Tuesday, 30. January 2024 (17:30 Clock) 7 more participants possible
  • Kukita Milbertshofen Kindergarten: Wednesday, 07. February 2024 (17:30 Clock) 6 more participants possible
  • Kukita Schwabing
  • Kukita Schwabing Créche: Thursday, 11. January 2024 (17:00 Clock) 1 more participants possible

At the moment, are no scheduled dates or already booked out for the following facilities: Neuhausen, Pasing

Please note: The number of participants in our information events is limited, so please register in time.

Online registration

Our information events at the locations are designed for a max. of 8 registrations.

Our online information events are for max. 10 participants and require the application »Zoom« on your computer / tablet or mobile phone.

Please note that participation to the information event is only possible via a this form.


Please understand that we can offer the information events only for parents whose child has already been born.

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