FAQ – frequently asked questions

From what age do we accept children at the crèche?

As a rule, children are from about one year old, in exceptional cases they may be younger.

Do we accept children for individual days (e.g. 3 days a week)?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. In the child's interest we advocate a consistent weekly routine.

(When) Are there free childcare places?

Kukita takes on most new crèche and kindergarten children on 1st September each year. In addition, places may become available during the year from time to time if families leave due to relocation.

If your name is on our waiting list, we will contact and notify you if a place becomes available. In addition, free places are announced on our website.

How can I secure a care place for my child?

Fill in the pre-registration form online. As soon as a suitable place becomes available we will contact you and invite you to an information meeting at one of our facilities. We look forward to meeting you in person!

How is a contract concluded?

As soon as we have met and your interest in a childcare place has been reconfirmed you will receive a childcare contract from us. You will be able to read this contract immediately or, alternatively, in the comfort of your own home.

If you choose to conclude the childcare contract, you sign it. We will then promptly double-check the availability of the place one last time in order to rule out any overlap. If everything is fine you will receive the signed contract back within a maximum of 5 working days.

When will I learn more about the settling-in process and other concerns?

If you wish, we can discuss questions regarding the settling-in process as early as at the first information meeting.

Before the start of the care time the nursery teacher in charge will have a thorough conversation with you. You will receive details on the future group your child will attend, as well as a welcome folder, so that you and your child can prepare for a start at the crèche or kindergarten in the best-possible manner.

How long does the settling-in process of my crèche child take and how much time do I need to factor in?

The sensitive period of settling in is a centrepiece of paedagogical work and plays an important role in the positive development and integration of your child in the group. As a rule, crèche children take 2 to 4 weeks for this. Kindergarten children usually take no more than a week to settle in.

Can I get a place at Kukita even if I do not live in Munich?

The funding rules of the City of Munich do not allow to accept children from other municipalities.

Is Kukita approved and subsidised by the City of Munich?

Yes, we are approved and subsidised by the City of Munich.