Kukita Kinderkrippen & -gärten

A fresh, healthy and balanced diet

A balanced diet with fresh, healthy food is extremely important especially for young children. Therefore, the quality of the food we use and its preparation are near and dear to us.

For breakfast:
Muesli, fruit, bread, milk and yogurt provide our little ones with energy for the day. Of course, everything is fresh, seasonal and varied. For a drink our children can have as much unsweetened tea or water as they please all through the day.

At lunchtime:
Our kitchen team in Milbertshofen prepares tasty, fresh meals for our little ones every day. Eggs come from organic farming, our meat is bought at specialist shops providing proof of origin, just like carots, bananas, milk for muesli and various other products. Altogether, we use a healthy mix of organic and conventional production in order to keep the costs for you, dear parents, at a reasonable level.

For snack:
Care for some variety? Fresh bread, spread, crunchy fruit or vegetables – every little gourmand will find something he or she likes!

Your child is allergic or intolerant?

Just talk to us – we are sure we will find delicious alternatives.

Your direct contact person:

Theresa Leissle
Tel.: 089 / 189 17 99 0